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LPG Conversions

As fuel costs rise, there is a way of avoiding the increase. An LPG conversion will mean you only pay about 50% of the costs in vehicle fuel, whilst also reducing emissions of harmful gases by approximately 60-90%.

The use of LPG (liquid petroleum gas) as a vehicle fuel in the UK has had limited adoption compared to other countries, yet there is a national network of garages and forecourts that provide a re-fuelling service – typically 24 / 7 in many cases. Our team of experts have converted many petrol vehicles and we have an LPG fuel station on site for your convenience. For more information about LPG please CALL 01458 835 221.

Finlandya Custom - part of the Countrywide Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG, Autogas) network, offering you a specialist LPG filling point.

















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